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Embedded, encrypted, 3-tier database. Written in Rust.

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Zero-knowledge incremental backups for the impatient

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Custom solutions.

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Data lives everywhere

Developers and end users need tools that allow them to get the data they need, whenever and wherever they want.

Transparently span all drives with tiered storage solutions. Whether they're in the cloud, your laptop, or anywhere between.

Commit. Sync it. Fork it.

Versioned datasets and branching means you can work with data as if you were using Git.

Use the same data plane in production and in development for a more streamlined workflow. Infinitree can integrate with any cloud KMS for access control.

Slice and dice your data for ML training. Always know which model is the right one.

Temperature check: pass

Infinitree allows high-performance applications to finely control their memory use.

Keep tabs on hundreds of terabytes with flexible indexes.

Multiple cache management strategies ensure the right data is always warm.

Embedded & encrypted

No data leaks due to misconfigured cloud storage.

Create zero-knowledge mobile apps that respect your users' privacy.

Whether it's files, time series, or personal information, Infinitree shards encrypt everything into uniform blocks to ensure low latency access and complete secrecy.

File stash with zero headaches

Zerostash is a modern, encrypted backup and archival tool that scales with your deployment. Servers and workstations.

Zerostash provides best-in-class performance for archival and restore.

There are no contracts, or lock-in either.

You're in full control. Forever.

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